How To Enable Individual Product Basis Variation Swatches Customization

Product Basis swatches customization is a powerful and exclusive feature. In the free version, you have to use global created swatches for all product. Whereas premium version allows you to customize your swatches based on the individual product.

Suppose, you sell a T-shirt. Each T-shirt has a different variation of pattern to show. In this case, you get locked. You can’t global variation each for each product. To help you out we have built this feature. To enable this feature you have to both free and premium version of WooCommerce variation swatches is installed.

After downloading the both versions of the plugin, you need to install and activate them on your site. To install the free version, check here. To setup premium version, click here.

Individual Product Customization

To customize product basis swatches, get into product edit mode. You would see Swatches Settings and Product Data. From there you can start customizing swatches.

To customize the product swatches, check the following video.


The video adobe show everything to customize the swatches based on each product. If you have any feedback, don’t forget to leave it in the comment below.