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Variation swatches update plugin has changed all the class and html structure


I’m using the plugin from starting of my website, now I have version – Version 1.1.19 of this plugin in my site as after that version you guys changes the classes and structure of the whole plugin like this,

Changes related to the woo variation

woo-variation-items-wrapper class removed
class change to woo-variation-raw-select class changed -> rtwpvs-wc-select
ul – li structure change to Div

class change to variable-items-wrapper -> rtwpvs-terms-wrapper

you shouldn’t, we have created our CSS and js accordingly, we have issue now after updating the version and I’m not able to update the plugin from last 1 year. now my concern is what is WordPress will not support the older version one time. can you make it revert or let me know where you have changed?

my everything and anythings is depend on this plugin of version 1.1.19 for a now

this is not a best way of plugin maintenance

Hakik Zaman


It’s been about a year since we updated the plugin.

The Class name you have pasted here seems like the other plugin.

We have no such class name inside our plugin.

Please make sure, you have another plugin for swatches or not. Our plugin is Variation Swatches for WooCommerce by Emran Ahmed.

Yes, in the 2.0.0 series, we have changed so many things. Because we had to restructure our whole codebase to optimize our scripts. Our customers like you were facing speed issues. That’s why we had no choice except refactor our plugin structure.

Thank You