Additional Variation Images Gallery For WooCommerce

When it comes to displaying multiple images for WooCommerce product attribute variation to drive sales and conversion, WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Gallery plugin is an incredible option to pick.

WooCommerce comes with a basic option to insert a single image for a product variation. It means, there is no option to insert more than a single variation image when it’s highly essential to sell your product.

To boost the power and flexibility to use WooCommerce, WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Gallery plugin is here. It allows you to upload multiple images for each product variation. It means with the help of this feature you can show a different set of images to your visitors when they switch product variations like Color, Style, Size at the same time.

If you are looking for a plugin to insert multiple images per variation for woocommerce variable product, you are in the right place. The plugin is well-documented and optimized to support major WooCommerce themes in the market.

Key Features of WooCommerce Additional Variation Images

Woocommerce Variation Images is the highly must-have feature of a store. It helps the shop owner to present in-depth details of his product variation inserting unlimited product variation-related images. To make your variation image presentation artistic and awesome, we added a couple of useful features that allow you to boost your product conversion.

Display Unlimited Variation Images Per Product Variation

With default WooCommerce, you can insert only a single image additionally. WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Gallery plugin brings an option to insert unlimited images for each WooCommerce product variation.

 Unlimited Variation Images


Display YouTube, Vimeo, Hosted Video Per Product Variation

Besides adding extra images per WooCommerce product variation for product image gallery, with this plugin, you can insert unlimited YouTube, Vimeo and Self Hosted videos with ease.

Display YouTube, Vimeo, Hosted Video as Product Featured Video

Besides adding extra video per WooCommerce product variation for product image gallery, with this plugin, you can insert YouTube, Vimeo and Self Hosted videos in the featured product image and WooCommerce product gallery.

Add Product Featured Video For Simple, Variable, Group And External/Affiliate product

Presting product details in video presentations is priceless. Video can express a thousand words in few seconds. Now, it’s possible to add product featured video for Simple, Variable, Group, And External/Affiliate products. So, get ready to insert self-hosted, YouTube, and Vimeo videos.

How to Add Featured Videos in Product Gallery For Simple, Variable, Group And External/Affiliate product

Besides the product featured video, it’s essential to add a video in the product gallery to describe the product details perfectly. The configuration handles the product video gallery accept self-hosted, YouTube, and Vimeo videos.

Responsive Attribute Variation Image Gallery Width

WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Gallery plugin is smartly coded and comes packed with an option to specify width for large, medium, small and extra small devices. It means you can control gallery width based on your site viewing devices.

Multiple Image Selection While uploading Variation Images from Media Gallery

When you insert images for your product variation image gallery, it allows selecting unlimited images each time. Say goodbye to one image selection for each time.

Automatic Gallery Image Slide

With WooCommerce default, customers have to manually change the gallery image to view corresponding variation images. With WooCommerce Additional Variation Swatches plugin, the gallery will slider automatically so that customers can see product additional images without manually changing them.

Variation Video Width and Height

The gallery dimension of each image gallery may not the same. When you insert a video for your variation gallery, it may create a black area in the top and bottom. To solve this situation, we added an option to specify variation video width and height.

Gallery Width and Bottom Gap Control

The additional variation images plugin for WooCommerce comes packed with impressive settings to impress your visitors. It allows controlling gallery width and gallery bottom gap between thumbnails. Which helps you to place variation images according to your theme website theme design.

Left, Right, and Bottom Gallery Thumbnail Display Control

Default WooCommerce comes with a product variation gallery with a bottom thumbnail feature. WooCommerce WooCommerce Extra Variation Images Gallery plugin has also extended the feature. It allows you to control the gallery thumbnail position to left, right, and bottom.

Enable Thumbnail Slide

Variable product attribute variation image gallery can be displayed in slider or show all thumbnails picture in grid one after another. With this plugin, you can go for either feature you want.


Thumbnails Item Number and Gap Control

Thumbnails are one of the crucial features of the smart variations images gallery plugin. It allows specifying how many pictures you want to show in a single thumbnail slider from 4 to 8. Furthermore, it let to specify gaps between thumbnails.

Slider and Thumbnail Slider Arrow Control

The WooCommerce variation images gallery plugin consists of two parts, the main image part, and the thumbnail part. Both parts come with a slider with the option to enable and disable image sliding slideshow indicating arrow.

Product Variation Image Zoom

Zoom is on of the important feature high-converting product image gallery. To boost your sales and conversion, WooCommerce Extra Variation Images Gallery plugin ships packed with the product featured image zoom option. You can disable the zoom option on your need.

Popup Icon Display Position

If you have already installed WooCommerce Additional Variation Images plugin activated, you can notice it shows a zoom icon at the right top corner of the screen by default. You can change its position from the plugin settings.

Enable Main Image Popup

The zoom feature of WooCommerce Extra Variation Images Gallery plugin allows store customers to view product variation images in Zoom view. Apart from that, it offers a popup option so that customers can view product images in an exclusive screen.

Gallery Image Shorting Option

The sorting option is an incredible port of this WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Gallery plugin, it allows you to reorder variation images after uploading them. It means you can decide the order of the variation image display in the gallery.


Features at a glance

  • Gallery Image Select Option
  • Gallery Image Sorting Option
  • Unlimited Image Choose option
  • Self Hosted Gallery Video Support
  • Video Zoom and Lightbox.
  • Automatic Updates.
  • Exclusive Technical Support.

  1. Rated 5 out of 5
    Quick and good support

    Quick and good support.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5
    WilbiZZ95 (jeanwilberz)
    Support answer very fast

    The plugin was not working on my website. Support solved it in 1,5 day. I guess it must have been quite difficult because they had to check in my child theme function.php code to find the issue. It was not working because of this line of code: // remove_action('woocommerce_single_variation', 'woocommerce_single_variation', 10); // REMOVING PRICE FROM VARIATIONS Thanks for the qucik support, 5 stars.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5
    Very good plugin and great support

    I've been using this plugin for a while and it has been very good. I did have some problems caused by some plugin conflicts and the support from the developer was excellent. Highly recommended.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5
    Great plugin!

    Great plugin!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5
    Great free plugin and awesome support

    I have been using this plugin for awhile now and was working exactly how I wanted it. Then an update came through for my theme and it stopped showing the variation images when changing the selection. I googled for ages and looked everywhere how to fix it. I then asked support and Hakik very kindly and quickly investigated the issue and gave me some code to add to my website and it is now working again. Thanks team, you rock!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5
    Great Support

    i really liked the way they support .. i got one issue own my client site .. when i talk in live chat, they fixed with in minutes.. great work guys.. especially Dhul

  7. Rated 5 out of 5
    Поддержка моего вопрос

    Общался с менеджером: обратился за помощью в коде css, помогли мне чем смогли. Удивлен такой дружелюбностью и открытостью к простым пользователем. Получил помощь высшего класса. Советую!

  8. Rated 5 out of 5
    Excellent plugin

    Does the job very well and an excellent support. Jonas

  9. Rated 5 out of 5
    One of the best plug-ins support

    Very good plug-in. The support is super fast and able to help with everything. Keep going.

  1. Sreeram Ramdas

    Great Plugin! I really needed this for my woocommerce store. This plugin makes it really easy for customers to view their desired product. Thank you Ahmed!

Features Premium Free
Gallery Image Select Option
Gallery Image Sorting Option
Unlimited Image Choose option
Self Hosted Gallery Video Support
Youtube Video Support
Vimeo Video Support
Gallery Video Popup Support

Version 1.2.7 ( 04/09/2021 )

  • Add WordPress 5.8+ and WooCommerce 5.6+ Compatibility

  • Video icon added for media thumbnail

Version 1.2.6 ( 08/05/2021 )

  • Plugin Updater

Version 1.2.5 ( 03/05/2021 )

  • WordPress and WooCommerce Compatibility

Version 1.2.4 ( 10/03/2021 )

  • WordPress 5.7 and WooCommerce 5.1 Compatibility

Version 1.2.3 ( 23/02/2021 )

  • Dokan Multivendor Support

Version 1.2.2 ( 02/02/2021 )

  • More Migration tool added

  • Change variation image

Version 1.2.1 ( 08/02/2021 )

  • Migration tool

Version 1.2.0 ( 12/01/2021 )

  • WP and WC Compatibility

Version 1.1.29 ( 26/11/2020 )

  • WP and WC Compatibility

Version 1.1.28 ( 14/09/2020 )

  • WP and WC Compatibility

Version 1.1.27 ( 23/05/2020 )

  • Embedable video mime type filter

  • Support 360 degree html embed

Version 1.1.26 ( 10/04/2020 )

  • Safari browser css issue

Version 1.1.25 ( 19/03/2020 )

  • Add filter for image attribute

Version 1.1.24 ( 18/03/2020 )

  • Improve Automatic updater

Version 1.1.23 ( 16/03/2020 )

  • Woocommerce 4.0 support

Version 1.1.22 ( 27/01/2020 )

  • affiliate-wp backend conflict issue.

  • Filter to modify featured image of gallery.

Version 1.1.21 ( 14/01/2020 )

  • Divi theme load issue

Version 1.1.20 ( 12/01/2020 )

  • Video improvment

Version 1.1.19 ( 18/09/2019 )

  • Speed Improvement

Version 1.1.18 ( 18/09/2019 )

  • Video Preload

Version 1.1.17 ( 17/09/2019 )

  • Gallery added WooCommercee REST API Response

Version 1.1.16 ( 27/08/2019 )

  • WooCommercee REST Api Issue

Version 1.1.15 ( 20/08/2019 )

  • WooCommercee 3.7 support

Version 1.1.14 ( 24/07/2019 )

  • Selected vatiation image load

  • Closeable update notification

Version 1.1.13 ( 23/05/2019 )

  • WooCommerce active notice issue

  • Filter too modify template

  • WooCommerce 5.2 support

Version 1.1.12 ( 08/04/2019 )

  • Language issue

  • Auto slide added

  • Tutorial tab added for guideline

Version 1.1.11 ( 01/01/2019 )

  • Empty image srcset issue

  • ROYAL Theme Support

Version 1.1.10 ( 10/12/2018 )

  • Ajax load

  • Support Latest woocommerce and wordpress

Version 1.1.9 ( 08/11/2018 )

  • Add script disable filter

  • Add customify theme support

Version 1.1.8 ( 20/10/2018 )

  • IE-11 Support

Version 1.1.7 ( 07/10/2018 )

  • Elementor pro support

  • Saha theme support

  • Preloader style option added

  • Gallery export-import added

  • Gallery responsive width option

Version 1.1.6 ( 30/09/2018 )

  • Preload blur style

  • Backend JS Small Image Issue

  • HTML5 Video Preload

Version 1.1.5 ( 26/09/2018 )

  • Preload variation images to quick load.

  • Reset gallery option on select variation

Version 1.1.4 ( 25/09/2018 )

  • First time loading and single product gallery issue

Version 1.1.3 ( 19/09/2018 )

  • Lazyloading image issue on slow net

Version 1.1.2 ( 19/09/2018 )

  • Some JS Issue

Version 1.1.1 ( 16/09/2018 )

  • Gallery image loading issue.

Version 1.1.0 ( 10/09/2018 )

  • Add more features

Version 1.0.0 ( 11/07/2018 )

  • Initial Release

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  • Version 1.2.8
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  • Requires WordPress Version 5.5+
  • Requires WooCommerce Version 3.2+
  • Requires PHP Version 7.0+

Additional Variation Images Gallery For WooCommerce