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Variation Button Color & Text


We have products that have attributes of Flavor & Effect.  Each Flavor can have only 1 Effect assigned to it (see image below)

Current configuration link:  That Gas Brand Delta-8 Dabs

We have been able to configure the product using the following 2 options:

  1. Product attributes configured with Flavor (button) and Effect (color)
    1. This creates 2 variation buttons that have to be selected in order for the Add to Cart button to be active.
    2. Once a Flavor is selected, the Effect should be displayed and the Add to Cart button becomes active.
  2. Product attributes configured with Flavor (Image) only. The image has the Flavor Name & background color.
    1. This configuration forces us to set the attribute to 165 pixels and doesn’t work as well on mobile devices.
    2. Each flavor has its own image, see the examples below

Flavor Images Attribute Test.png


flv_95 South.png flv_Birthday Cake.png

We would like to configure the Flavors as a button, with the background color of the Effect, as in the image above.  Is there a way to configure this without using images?


Flavors and Effect Image.png


Please advise the best way to proceed.


Kind Regards


Hakik Zaman

Hello Erminio,

Unfortunately, we have no feature to create different button colors. The best way is to use images instead of buttons. If you want to use a button then you have to write custom CSS for each button. I don’t think it will be a great idea.

​But it’s a great idea. I’ve added it as a feature request. I’ll discuss this feature with my team and make it available with the coming version.

In the meantime, please send the feature request here: https://storepress.fider.io/
and ask your other to upvote it.