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Hook to insert element after feature image

Davide Ralli

Hi, I purchased your plugin and I need to insert an element after the main product image. The classic woocommerce hooks seems doesn’t work.

There’s some plugin hook that I can use to do that, or can I create my custom template theme child folder?

Thank you

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Hakik Zaman

Hello Davide,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, right now no hook is available between the main image and thumbnails.

Please create a folder inside your child’s theme and name it “template“. Then copy the file product-images.php from woo-variation-gallery/single-product and paste it inside the newly created template folder. Then paste the below code inside your child theme’s functions.php

function edit_wvg_gallery_template($template, $template_name, $old_template){

if ( $template_name == 'single-product/product-image.php' ) {
$template = get_template_part('template/product', 'images');
return apply_filters( 'wvg_gallery_template_override_location_new', $template, $template_name, $old_template );

add_filter('wvg_gallery_template_override_location', 'edit_wvg_gallery_template', 30, 3);

Now change whatever you want inside your child theme > template > product-images.php