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Variation Swatches is not working with YHIT Waiting list for variable products


Variation swatches is not working with our other plugin that is called yhit waiting list. It is not possible to sign up for a waiting list if the product is sold out for variable product. The support team at yhit told me this:

The problem I see is Variation Swatches for WooCommerce doesn’t allow to select the variation without stock, for this reason is not possible to trigger the form. You should contact Variation Swatches for WooCommerce developers and ask their if they have a plugin configuration that allow you to select variation without stock and ask a possible hook where we can show the form. In this way it’s possible to create an integration.

Could you please help us with this?

Best regards


Hakik Zaman

Hello Muli Collection,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Could you please adjust these settings?

Then check, it resolves your issue or not.


Hakik Zaman

Hello Muli Collection Essentials HB,

To get the second setting, you have to uncheck Disable Out of Stock“.

After that check the “Clickable Out of Stock

Please make sure, you have the Variation Swatches PRO installed and activated.

Hope to hear from you soon.