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Out of stock product variation without cross

Good afternoon

I appreciate your support: I have been using this plugin for three month and this is really good.

But today I am seeing that for one product, when there is any variation out of stock, this is not showed “Blur with cross” (option selected in configuration) and customer is able to click this (should not been clicked). This is showed like others variations with stock but when customer selects this, below is showed the word: out of stock

This is rare because I have another product with variation and the out of stock variations are showed “blur with cross” and customer cannot click on these (you can see this in next link: https://relajateyteje.com/tienda/lana-copito/). But in the other product that I report, the out of stock variations can be clicked and are not showed “blur with cross” (you can see this in next link, color love#5280: https://relajateyteje.com/tienda/lana-love/)

The only change made recently was to update woocommerce to version 5.5.1

Thanks in advance,

Golam Kibria

Hi Relajate,

Sorry for the late response, we were on vacation.

Please check now.

I have updated the plugin settings for you.

You had to increase this number.

BTW, if you have products with more than 80 variations then you will need the premium version of our plugin.

With the premium version, you can disable Ajax Threshold, so there is no limit.

Let me know if the problem is resolved.

Thank You