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Colors are not being displayed

Hi, after installed the Pro plugin, colors stoped being displayed.

Please need some help because this stoped working and users cannot select colors.

I want to configure the option on the catalog when you select a color and you see the image related to that color.

Hakik Zaman

Hello Andres Di Camillo,

Thanks for reaching us. I have checked your site and got 14 plugins need to be updated. Could you please update specially your WooCommerce and other Plugins. Then check the problem still persist or not.

Please let me know, hope to hear from you soon.


Hello Hakik,

I’ve updated all the plugins and now the variations are being displayed twice.

Also I’m not able to filter by colors on product list.

Is it possible to filter by color and display the colors related to the filter ?

e.x: https://universotextil.com.ar/categoria/telas/jersey/?attro-color=306

Hakik Zaman

Hello Andres Di Camillo,

Sorry for the inconvenience.  Could you please check this link? It will not show the variation swatches twice.

Filter by color also working well. Though it is not a feature of our plugin, it is a feature of WooCommerce  (Our plugin just add a color beside the title on widget sidebar) Please check this screencast.


Hello, perfect, now it’s working.

Is it possible to filter by red color and see the product list with all the red color images?

How can I do that?

Hakik Zaman

Hello Andres Di Camillo,

Unfortunately filtering feature is controlled by WooCommerce itself. Our plugin doesn’t provide this kind of functionality rather than convert default dropdown to label/color/image etc.

So, you can create a feature request here. Hopefully they will respond.


Hello, I have 2 problems on my website:

First problem is that variations are broken on product details page. E.x: https://universotextil.com.ar/producto/modal-bershka/

Variations are displayed on the Add to cart header menu.

The second problem is that I bought your plugin due you have this


So I’ve enabled it but it’s not working, how can I do that?

Hakik Zaman

Hello Andres Di Camillo,

Thanks for your reply.

First problem: Could you please check this page? I have removed swatches from header and fixed the variation broken issue. Before checking please clear your cache.

Second Problem: Unfortunately this feature is not available right now. But it is a great idea, you can add it as feature request here. Our senior developers are always active there and will let you know when this feature will be available.

Lastly, your theme already allow to display swatches on Archive/shop page. So, please keep this setting as like as this image.