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Shop/Archieve Not working functioning Well



the issue is very simple: when I try to use my mobile or desktop. On the Shop/Archieve  pages when i choose the attribute and add to cart, i get a few redirections list:

1- It takes me to the product page instead of adding to the cart.

2- it says undefined when I choose an attribute in the Shop/Archieve and I click add to a cart


It takes me to a 404 page or empty page.


I shut down the plugin, please feel free to activate it and see by yourself.





Use your mobile and you should see what i faced. Otherwise, I will record a video for you.




May I shut down the plugins? You can activate it once you want to use it. It’s slows down the website, images are not showing, attributes are not working and breaking pages.

Tanvirul Haque

Hello Khaled Baoween,

Could you please check again after disabling your all caching system, If you have Cloudflare or serverside caching enabled, try to clear the all cache as well?