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Default thumbnail when variable products display on homepage or search rsults


I have the latest version of WordPress, WooCommerce and Astra theme. I had Elementor installed but deactivated it.

When I am on a variable product’s page, the images appear normally (say my product exists in blue and red, I set the default display of the product to blue, when I go the the product’s page I first see the first blue image I put, then the second blue one, and when I switch to red, I see the first red image, then the second, and so forth).

But if I am looking at the overview of all the products in my homepage catalogue, or if I search something in the search bar and have several results, then all the thumbnails of the variable products appear blank (with the default grey icon used when we don’t have chosen an image for a product yet).

My single products display in a normal way.

I am working on my website, I haven’t made it public, so it’s in maintenance mode right now.

What could I do in order for Woo to display one of my default color product variation photos as a thumbnail for the variable product in question ?

Thanks a lot for your help

Golam Kibria

Hi Askelaia,

Can you please give us temporary admin access to your site? We’ll try to investigate the issue for you.

You can add new users by going to Users > Add New set the user and password for us, set the role to admin, and set the info here.

And add your site URL, login username, and password in the site login area. Follow this guideline: https://www.useloom.com/share/27c1f2ac633c4060b2da883d946107d7

We need to check this ourselves before we can give you any suggestions.

Hope to hear from you soon!


I ended up finding the solution myself, sorry to have bothered you.



Golam Kibria

Hi Askelaia,

I am glad that you have found the solution. Hopefully, it was not our plugin responsible for the issue.

Can I close the ticket now?

Thank You


I was just tired the day in question.   😉

All I had to do was chose the images I wanted for each product variation through the “Variations” tab of your extension ; then set which attribute I wanted to be displayed by default when on the product page. And after that, I also added a single “main image” of the product (the same as the main default attribute one) using the normal WooCommerce product modification tool (the main image we chose for a single product for instance) and then it works. The “main” image appears as the variable product’s icon (search results, product gallery…). If we don’t add any main image to the product itself when variable, then the product icon appears blank.

You can close the ticket.

Thank you