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Problem with plugins

The plugins we are using is Variation Swatches for WooCommerce whit  Quantities and Units for WooCommerce 

We have the plugin purchased but we have problems
We use another pugling to add custom quantities to the product
and when we change from one color to another it changes us back to 1

we have the counter, for example, at 20, and when changing color it returns to one


If you look at the video, in the product of the mask (mascarilla ffp2) it goes from 20 to 20 until it changes color that changes to 21-41, this is wrong

while in the gel (gel hidroalcholico) that goes from 100 to 100, when I select an option, it remains the same, this is fine.


link: https://vimeo.com/528809810

Shahin Sid

Hi Elisa,

Changing image is not feature of our plugin, is the feature of WooCommerce itself.

Could you disable our swatches plugin and check is it working without our plugin or not?

Thank you

No queremos cambiar la imagen
Cuando cambiamos el color, el contador devuelve 1, y queremos que permanezca en 50, como la primera imagen

Primera imagen: sin selección de color, el marcador está en 50


Segunda imagen: seleccionado el color azul, el contador se ha puesto a 1, queremos que se quede en 50


¿Hay alguna solución para esto?, Gracias

Shahin Sid

Hello Elisa Gonzalez,

Please, disable our plugin and check with the WooCommerce default dropdown variation option. The problem is still there or not?


I have deactivated the plugin and I put the dropdown, if I do that, the counter works correctly, but we don’t want to use the dropdown, we want the color selection like the previous images, using your plugin.

is it possible? Thank you