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product is shown out of stock whereas there is available one attribute


I have enabled on woocommerce  “Out of Stock Products”  as follows

  1. Go to WoocommerceSettings and click the Products tab
  2. Click the Inventory link at the top
  3. Check the Out Of Stock Visibility option to hide out of stock items

the on your plugin i have the following settings



The if i go to shop page you can see below an example




And if you click on “out of stock” or “Εξαντλημένο” in Greece on this link https://dev.nickstores.gr/product/name-it-%ce%bc%cf%80%ce%bf%cf%85%cf%86%ce%ac%ce%bd-%ce%ba%ce%b1%cf%80%ce%b1%cf%81%ce%bd%cf%84%ce%af%ce%bd%ce%b1-%cf%86%ce%bb%ce%bf%cf%81%ce%ac%ce%bb-%ce%b3%ce%b1%ce%bb%ce%ac%ce%b6%ce%b9%ce%bf/   you can see that there is one variation that there is stock.



So why do you plugin prints on shop page this particular product out of stock?

In addition, on the second image below, on out of stock product on shop page, could we show the price?






Shahin Sid

Hi Kostas,

Can you please give us a temporary admin access to your site? We’ll try to investigate the issue for you.

You can add new users by going to Users > Add New set the user and password for us, set the role to admin and set the info here.

And add your site URL, login username, and password in the site login area. Follow this guideline: https://www.useloom.com/share/27c1f2ac633c4060b2da883d946107d7

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hey Shahin.

I tried with latest version and seems resolved there. It is also confirmed by Ahmed.