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Variation Swatches is out of position

Wilfred Chong

Hi Getwooplugins Team,

I am using Toolset(by OnTheGoSystems) to create my archive custom product loop, but when i insert the [wvs_show_archive_variation] shortcode, the swatches are show on top out the product loop instead of inside individual product container. Can you help me take a look for this issue.






Dashboard > Toolset > View > Product List View



Shahin Sid

Hello Wilfred Chong,

Please, give me the latest version of your theme via Google drive or any other platform.

Also, show me how to do the setup with shortcode. You can record me the setup process by using a tool like http://www.loom.com


Wilfred Chong

Hi, I sort of solved the problem by using another plugin instead of toolset. and now the archive product loop display correctly