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Sync images on secondary language (WPML)

Hello, when I add secondary images to each variation, they are not synchronized in the English language, I have to open the product in English and add them again, why?

Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi Angel,

Could you reproduce the issue on the following domain, I’ve created exclusively for you.


Username: admin

password: @N37ZI0e$h4G)SiFqg


Hello, the synchronization part I have already solved it since it was a problem of WPML, but I have another problem, which is that if I show 4 photos in the slide of images of each variant, but the variant has 8 photos the last two appear first and the main one the third.

Is it possible to install the pro version in the test WP to be able to upload more photos and see the problem?

Although you can see it in this test url

How can I send the URL privately?

Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi Angel,

I am the developer of this plugin, Could you add me here on Skype?

My Skype email address is: [email protected]

Please add me and say hi. I am waiting for you there to quickly squash your issue.


Hi, the problem is that I don’t speak English, I can only write with the translator.