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Images not displaying on Swatches

damion Hazael

Having read your support forum, this seems to be a consistent issue with the latest updates to WordPress and Woocommerce. I have done all the rollback and deactivation of plugins to try to resolve the issue which have not worked. Can you tell me how long until your developers have fixed the plugin so it works correctly with the latest updates? If not in the very near future, I will be looking to cancel my subscription to the pro version and just use the free version.

I will not provide site details right now as I believe we are all aware that the issue is with the latest updates.

Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi damion,

I am the developer of this plugin, Could you add me here on Skype?

My Skype email address is: [email protected]

Please add me and say hi. I am waiting for you there to quickly squash your issue.