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Plugin Is not working

Arthur Branco

Hi there,

For some reason, the plugin keeps stopping working on my site, the customer can’t make the selection on home-page, product page and etc.

Could someone please have a look ASAP?

I setup a user for you to access the site:


User: guest_login

password: gJmA*3ajy6ujexFIXIejtU!t



Arthur Branco

I needed to disable the plugin to make it work, you can enable when you testing.

Humayon Kabir

Hi Arthur,

Hope you are well.

In our inspection, we found that you are using the older version of WooCommerce Variation Swatches Pro plugin.

Please check this.

Could you please update your premium version of the WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin?

The current version of swatches pro plugin is the following.

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce Pro – Version 1.1.8

Please make sure you are using the same version and let me know your reported issue has been fixed or not in this latest update?

After the successful update make sure to clear your browser, website and CDN caches if you have any.

Thank You

Arthur Branco

Hi there, for some reason I can’t find my renew licence anymore, I need my licence key again for my website and I can’t find it.


Arthur Branco

Humayon Kabir

Hello Arthur Branco,
Have you renewed recently?

You should be able to find your license key from here.

If still, you are facing such a problem then please provide us with your getwooplugins account login credentials so that our sales team can check it.