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Help request – override the label field that is shown on select

Mertok Kortem

Hey, great plugin and thanks for your work. I have a request.

How could I override the label that gets shown when you select a variation. Example picture below :



I have a custom field for every variation that I want to show alongside every selected label. Example:  Color : Amber – Custom field

Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you!

Humayon Kabir

Hi Mertok,

Unfortunately, the feature is not currently available.

​But it’s a great idea. I’ve added it as a feature request. I’ll discuss this feature with my team and may add this feature in a future release.


Mertok Kortem


I managed to do it via custom post fields and some jQuery.

Humayon Kabir

Hello Mertok Kortem,

Glad to hear that.

Feel free to contact us again for further assistance and we will gladly help you.

With Regards