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plugin payment confusion

Above Second


I have bought 2x the plugin in order to place it on 2 websites (same owner but translation gets it on another domain).

Concerned websites:
houtbehandeling.be (NL) licence 37bfb97f-5f3a2b80-3f27cbec-61f8decc  – order #14216 (still 1 month valid, 21st of March)   and
traitement-du-bois.be (FR) licence 7c7a10d3-1649998a-67627b44-67ca445f  – order #32716 (just renewed for 12 months, 6th February)

I have paid 1x this week automatically and got the invoice from getwooplugins:  GWP32716-2020 => 7c7a10d3-1649998a-67627b44-67ca445f
I’m expecting the payment for the order 14216 to go automatically…

Today I got an email for payment renewal by email and beneath stands this information: “Thanks for using staging.storepress.com!”getwooplugins.JPG

That is not getwooplugins website https://getwooplugins.com/

If I look on the staging.storepress.com website I only have 1 plugin

If I look on the getwooplugins.com website I have 2 plugins

Can you clarify what is going on here?

I can’t follow anymore…


Roeland Sanctorum

Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi Above,

I am the developer of this plugin, Could you add me here on Skype?

My Skype email address is: [email protected]

Please add me and say hi. I am waiting for you there to quickly squash your issue.