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Not compatible/need correct plugin

James Mackey

Hello – I’ve sent many notes since Jan 27 and today is the first reply for me to send another email.  🙁  We need the correct plugin urgently or a refund. We purchased Variation Swatches For WooCommerce Business 1 order number 142858066, on Jan 26. I immediately found that it would not work on our site. It is not compatible with our theme. Another problem is that it was promoted in the variations and I thought it would allow for me to add many images to each variable and help us with colors for each item – but we need many images – and it wants us to buy another $150 plugin. The plugin that we need is called Additional Variation Images Gallery For WooCommerce. We need to refund or credit to apply to the correct plugin which I believe is  above listed Additional Variation Images Gallery For WooCommerce. Can someone give us a call? 415-793-5816. Thank you.
Christine Caldwell
Wine Appreciation

Tanvirul Haque

Hello James Mackey,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Don’t worry about the refund or credit transfer, we will process it. By the way, could you please test the gallery free version from here and confirm me is it working for you. By default you can add 2 extra images for each variation with our free version and with the pro version you can add unlimited images.

By the way, stay safe and take care of your family. Hopefully, Covid-19 outbreak will end up soon.