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Problem with selectors in product details page

Zero Srl

Hi we’re having a problems with the selection of the variants for the products.

  1. Always the first color of a series seems disabled for some reason, so the user cannot choose that ones
  2. Switching from colors and sizes does’t work all the time

an example of product that has these problems: https://www.quintessenzacomo.it/prodotto/maglia-abito-bitessuto/

The plugin has been updated to the last release yesterday.

Is it a problem of configuration?
How can be fixed?


Many thanks in advance

Humayon Kabir

Hello Zero Srl,

Hope you are doing great.

1. Blur without cross option is enabled that’s why the first color is disabled.
Have a look at this: https://prnt.sc/y07azh

2. Also, in our inspection, we found that you are using WooCommerce Force Default Variant plugin which is preventing to switch colors and sizes to work all the time. In this case, you can use the default WooCommerce option.

By the way, stay safe and take care of your family. Hopefully, Covid-19 outbreak will end up soon.