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How can I show attribute descriptions on a product page?

Joshua Press

Hi. I have built a product with 3 different types of variation. On the 2nd variation ‘Fabric material’ I would like the attribute description to show next to the title ‘blazer, Nexus, Sonous’. How can I do this please?

I have updated the description tabs within the attribute its self but they have not updated on the product page.

Product page: https://www.staging2.behotbox.com/product/hotbox-2-desk-organisers/


How I would like it to read:

Blazer – Luxury soft cover made from New Zealand lamb’s Wool.
Nexus – Stylish modern fabric features 2-dimensional stretch pattern.
Sonus – Fibre felted finish with an appealing mélange effect.

Joshua Press

Yes I tried adding it there but it doesn’t show until all of the variations were selected and it appears in the wrong place. I need the text to appear next to the variation option and to be always visible. I thought adding it to the attached screenshot would work but it doesn’t.


For reference, I have added a screenshot with the text added on in photoshop where i would like it to be.




I’m not sure if the images have attached or not, please let me know if you got them?