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Invoice does not include VAT

Kurli MB



I have just purchased Variation Swatches for WooCommerce plugin and the total amount was more than 49 dollars (I think there was VAT included), could please send the full invoice as I have the invoice just for the 49 usd (and I see I was charged 56,34 EUR)?


Thank you,


Golam Kibria

Hi Kurli,

Please check your inbox for an email from Paddle (you can also search for the term “Paddle” in your inbox).

Paddle charges for the VAT, and they should have sent you the correct invoice too.

If eligible, you can also request a VAT refund from Paddle.

If you cannot find the correct invoice, please let us know. We will resend it to you.

If you have more questions or confusion, please let us know.

Thank you