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Show variations only if the attribute selected is not ‘All ….’

Hello Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently managing a WooCommerce store with a variety of variable products that utilize two primary attributes: ‘Size’ (Variazioni) and ‘Color’ (Colore). The ‘Size’ attribute is a mandatory selection for all our products, as it allows customers to choose the desired size upon entering the product page. The ‘Color’ attribute, however, is only applicable to certain sizes, meaning that some product variations will only have the ‘Size’ option, while others will have both ‘Size’ and ‘Color’ options available.

I am seeking to enhance the user experience on our product pages by dynamically displaying the ‘Color’ attribute options only when a customer selects a ‘Size’ that is associated with available ‘Color’ options. Specifically, upon loading the product page, I would like the default behavior to only show the ‘Size’ attribute for selection. Then, if the selected ‘Size’ is one that has associated ‘Color’ options, I would like the ‘Color’ attribute selection to become visible and available for the customer to choose from.

We have a product, identified as ‘2532 – ACADEMY P’, which is currently set up with more than 15 variations. Among these variations, only the one named R15 is configured with a ‘Color’ option (Black/Chrome). Consequently, when R15 is selected as the ‘Size’ and the color is changed, the product image updates to reflect the selected color.

The challenge we are encountering is related to the user experience upon initially accessing the product page. By default, no variation is pre-selected, and we would like to ensure that the ‘Color’ selection option is not visible at this stage. We want the ‘Color’ selection option to become available only when a user selects the R15 ‘Size’, given that this is the only size with a pre-defined ‘Color’ (all other sizes are set to ‘Any Color’).

Could you provide guidance or a solution on how to implement this behavior on our website? I have attached the website link and the specific product (‘2532 – ACADEMY P’) for your reference. This functionality is crucial for enhancing our website’s user experience by ensuring that options are only displayed when applicable.

Thank you for your time and assistance!  After this I wanna buy the pro versione for sure

Golam Kibria

Hi Antonio,

Unfortunately, this feature is not currently available.

Please add a feature request here: https://storepress.fider.io/

Thank You

You know a Plugin or a script to add in the function php ? I add the request, thank you so much!

Golam Kibria

Hi Antonio,

Please try this plugin.

It has options to set conditions.

I hope that it will be helpful.

Thank You