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Price range not changing after clicking on variation in Archive Page – Bricks Builder

Marian Onofrej

Hello, I have a problem with price not changing in archive page:


Here is the video. And also here is the link to page: https://www.inparfum.sk/obchod/

I am using Bricks Builder. And this is my template I created. No loop just stock products widget offered by Bricks.

But when I disabled my template and used predefined stock design used in the theme the price changes:

Snímka obrazovky 2024-02-01 o 10.03.59.png


Thank you very much



Hakik Zaman

Hi Marian,

Thanks for reaching out to us. They have changed the class name to dynamic

Our plugin will look for the price. Please check this screenshot: https://paste.pics/QB8RB

Also, try to add a class like this: https://paste.pics/QB8RO

Then try again.

Thank You