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Js Error on side cart


I open this ticket about a Js error on the “remove to cart” icon into the side cart with an Elementor / Woocomerce website.

Your plugin, create this bug :

Uncaught TypeError: r.block is not a function at a.onRemoveFromCart (add-to-cart.min.js?ver=8.3.1:1:1859) at HTMLBodyElement.dispatch (jquery-3.6.0.min.js:2:43064) at v.handle (jquery-3.6.0.min.js:2:41048)

In this case, the remove button didnt remove the article but this function work well when i disabled the plugin.

Hakik Zaman

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for reaching out to us. You are forcing jQuery CDN where WordPress Core has its own built-in jQuery library.

Please check this screenshot: https://snipboard.io/eNJazl.jpg

In one of your Elementor Widgets, you are using an external CDN for jQuery. Please remove it to avoid any unwanted behavior.

Thank You


Thanks for your quick answer, i was indeed using a CDN for jQuery to use it on a special animation on my website. After disabled the line, the “remove to cart” worked again.


Thank You