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Image Not Changing For Varation Swatches

Baalaji N

The product image doesn’t change when attributes are selected.

Please Check this product page link Opulent Threads Collection – Cheers Kannamma

Give me a solution. I tried deactivating all plugins but it didn’t help.

Please kindly give me a solution.

Hakik Zaman

Hi Baalaji,

Changing images is not a feature of our plugin, is a feature of WooCommerce itself.

Could you disable our Swatches plugin and check if is it working without our plugin or not?

Thank you

Baalaji N

My current theme is woostify in wordpress. I tired changing my theme and the swatch variation works fine. What do you propose I should do?

Please kindly reply,

Thank You.

Hakik Zaman

Hi Baalaji,

Please make sure if Woostify has any Gallery feature or not.

If they have a gallery feature, please disable that for a test.

For further support, I would recommend connecting with the Woostify Support team regarding the Gallery feature.

Thank You

Baalaji N

Hey Thanks for your help!!

I resolved the issue by installing Additional Variation Images Gallery for WooCommerce plugin.

Wish you a great life. Bye!