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Image Variations not working

Jacob Jackson


I am having issues with Image Swatch on product variations.  When clicking different variations the image does not swap.  I have disabled both free version and Pro,  when doing this the default woo variation drop down swapped perfectly.  Next I re-enabled just the free version of Variation Swatches, and it worked fine as well.  Then I re-enabled Variation swatches pro, and it does not function no matter what setting I use.  Any help would be much appreciated.

Golam Kibria

Hi Jacob,

It seems like a caching issue.

I have checked by activating the premium version of the plugin.

The image changing worked fine.

Will you please check if you still have the issue or not?

(Please clear your browser cache before checking).

Thank You

Jacob Jackson

Hi Golam,


Thank you so much!  How can I know if its a caching issue before?  I had the premium version activated, and it wasnt functioning so I disabled and it was working fine.  Would like to know so I dont run into the issue going forward! 🙂

Thank you again,

Golam Kibria

Hi Jake,

I went to check and it was working. So, I think the issue is related to the cache.

Hopefully, the issue will not resurface again.

If it does, please try clearing the cache.

You know that there is nothing wrong with your site (we are also here for you).

Is there anything else we can do for you now?

Thank You