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Jarrod Urrely



I was working with you on another ticket, but that ticket does not let me reply any more.  It keeps asking me to log in.


Anyway, you were very helpful, thank you.   I have another question.  How do I reorder the color swatches to order I would like?  I would like to make the Navy color the first option.

Here’s the page:  https://4gq.6ed.myftpupload.com/products/hallelujah-shirt/


Jarrod Urrely

Hi Hakik,


Excellent!  Thanks for your help.  Last question for now.  If you go to my home page:  https://4gq.6ed.myftpupload.com/ and scroll down a bit, you will come to the section titled “Most Loved Products”.  In that section the first product is a product using your variation plugins.

How can I get the variation to switch colors without having to pick a size.  On the product page it is already configured and the variation changes by only selecting the color.  But on my home page it does not.  Can you help me get it to change on my home page too?