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Jarrod Urrely


We’re having an issue with the second variation image on our product page.

Here is the product page:  https://4gq.6ed.myftpupload.com/products/hallelujah-shirt/

The second image of the shirt is the image of the sleeve.  The problem we’re having is that regardless of which color shirt you pick, the second image is always the navy blue shirt.  This just started happening, and the problem happens intermittently.  Sometimes the correct image displays and sometimes only the navy shirt image displays.  The problem is always with the second image though.

I have given you access to the backend.

Please help.  Thank you.

Hakik Zaman

Hi Jarrod,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

This feature is an extension of the default WooCommerce gallery. It will not work with another theme-built gallery/gallery plugin. Because there are several themes/plugins with different gallery structures. It is not possible to make it compatible with each. That’s why we extended the default WooCommerce Gallery.

If you are using an additional plugin for the second image, you can try our Additional Variation Images Gallery plugin. It is compatible with the Single Image Preview feature.

Thank you

Jarrod Urrely

Hello Hakik.  I do have the additional variations images gallery plulgin.  That is what I am using.  Can you please take a closer look and provide detailed instruction on how to fix my issue?

If you cannot help me, please ask your supervisor to contact me.  If you need money to help me, please let me know how much.  Thank you.

Jarrod Urrely

Hello Hakik,


Thank you for your help.  I understand now.  I thought I was already using the “Additional Variation Images Gallery”, by Emran Ahmed, but I see now that I was using the “Additional Variation Images” by Woocommerce.

I have now downloaded and installed the correct plugin.  What do I need to do now to stop using the old plugin and start using the new one?


Thank you.