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I need help altering the ‘Clear’ link text for a client, is this possible?

Jeremy Bennett

Our client would like me to update their site such that the ‘Clear’ link that shows when selections are made would rather display ‘Reset Selection’.  I tried to look up some guides on this but most I found just explained how to hide this link by altering PHP… I’d rather not do that if I can help it.  Is there any way with the tools provided via this plugin that the link text for this can be updated or changed?  I didn’t see an obvious option of how to do this so far but was hoping that perhaps I’m overlooking something.   Also, if not within the plugin, if someone there is knowledgeable of how to change this without me needing to alter under the hood code it’d be a great help if it could be explained how.  I do know I can add custom CSS to the product pages and things of that nature without having to alter the hard code under the hood so to speak… so far I haven’t discovered the real solution as of yet.  Thanks for any help you can give with regards to this. See Carlisle – Nations Cabinetry , and select any options, the ‘Clear’ text link is what I’m referring to where once it’s clicked it resets the variation selections.