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Changing attribute type

Massimo Russo

Hello, I apologize for the inconvenience.

I imported a few hundred products into my ecommerce.
The original site does not distinguish between color attribute and image attribute.
I wanted to know if it was possible to edit a term and change its type from color to image
…and also, put in in another attribute

is it possible?

Massimo Russo

Hi there,

thank so much for your answer! …and sorry! Maybe I didn’t explain correctly

I try to explain better:

1 – I imported a csv file with about 700 woocommerce product;

2 – All products have many Global Attribute;

3 – in the manufacturer’s original catalog almost all products have the color attribute;

4 – in the color attribute of the original catalog there are both real colors and patterns (so you can find colors like red, blue, black, withe… or patterns like: pois, pinstripe, striped etc.) ;

5 – So I have Color Attribute which inside has many terms which are colors and patterns;

6 – My goal is separate TERMS (not attribute!!!) which have patterns;

7 – I’ll wish to put this TERMS in a separate Attribute which is Image Type!

Logically I cannot delete the terms and redo them because otherwise I would lose their combination with the various products

In other words:

I ask if it is possible to move terms belonging to a color type attribute to another image type attribute

I hope now it’s more clear!

thank so much!



Golam Kibria

Hi Massimo,

Unfortunately, this is not possible with the plugin right now

You can add your feature request here: https://storepress.fider.io/

Thank You

Massimo Russo

What a pity…

this is really a huge bug in this plugin 🙁


Thank so much for your answer

Golam Kibria

Hi Massimo,

I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Hopefully, our team will think about this.

Thank You