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Conflict with CheckoutWC

Stas Il

Hello, I am having an issue with this plugin and CheckoutWC. The developers of CheckoutWC are asking to contact you in regards to this.

The latest version of CheckoutWC 8.0+ has a function which allows users to change their selected variation to a different one. However the variation swatches plugin is preventing this functionality.

You can test the functionality by:

  1. Add this product to your cart https://env-vapeloft-staging.kinsta.cloud/shop/vape-starter-kits/voopoo-argus-g-pod-kit/ (You should see a side cart slide out)
  2. In the side cart, under the product you just added hit “edit” and wait for the modal to show up.
  3. Try to change the variation.

Please note that when the attributes are standard select boxes, you can edit them. However when the attributes are buttons, the functionality is broken.


Hakik Zaman

Hi Stas,

Thanks for getting back to us. First of all, you have console errors from other plugins: https://paste.pics/OF5QR

Please try to fix it to avoid any unexpected behavior of any plugin which is dependent on Javascript.

Secondly, contact your Checkout plugin author and ask for a trigger when new the product popup is loaded.

Just send this plugin to your plugin developer: https://wordpress.org/plugins/malinky-ajax-pagination/

And ask them to send triggers like the following as the Malinky Ajax Pagination plugin provides.

document.addEventListener(‘malinkyLoadPostsComplete’, function(e) {

Thank You