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Problem with variation swatches

Ben Moss

I installed the variation swatches plugin on my site https://coolfunhouse.com and it seemed to be working or I did not notice the issue. Somewhere along the way it seems to have caused a problem with the gallery on the single product page. The thumbnails would not respond to touches on mobile when you first land on a product page.

You could get it to start working if you either: Selected a different variation OR you scrolled down until the carousel and thumbnails were no longer visible, then scrolled back up.

The plugin is currently disabled.


Hakik Zaman

Hi Ben,

Changing images is not a feature of our plugin, is a feature of WooCommerce itself.

Could you disable our Swatches plugin and check if is it working without our plugin or not?

Thank you

Ben Moss

You’re correct. I had been disabling and enabling plugins for gallery and your swatches and must not have purged during one of these. Yes, it is still broken but as you say it is not the swatches plugin it seems.

Thanks and sorry for the misreporting of this.