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Variation URL doesnt update on page reload

Hey guys, im running into an issue where if I leave the page then come back or just refresh the page, it will update the variation URL the next time I click on a variation swatch but then it just stays stuck on that and doesn’t update it again afterwards. It changes the images so the button is working but the URL stays the same.

Im using the URL to get what colour they picked so that I can display it in a modal pop up. If you guys know of a better way to do this as well let me know please

Please refresh the page when you get there one more time then try it again. It works the first time you’re on the page but when you refresh it stops

Hakik Zaman

Hi daniel,

I have sent it to our development team to check it further.

Unfortunately, I can’t speed up the analysis processes.

Thanks in advance for your patience.