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Variation Swatches doen’t show thumbnails

Phil Schmidt

we use variation swatches on our shop https://moingiorno.com/ and we’re very happy with the plugin.
Unfortunatly after some latest updates it doens’t work it is supposed to…

Instead of thumbails of the different colors etc it shows the wirtten name of colors and sizes. We tried some dieefent setting, but we can’t get it working again. Both versions of the installed plugin are the same, that was a problem we had before.

Maybe you can give us an good advice or check the settings…




Rezwan Shiblu

Hi Phil,

Thanks for reaching us.

I have checked your site and noticed that there has no global attribute and custom attribute settings are not set properly.

Please check the following screenshot links –


Let me know if you need any further assistance.
I will happy to assist.

Thank you.