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Wrong images showing when swatches are selected

Some products like this one have images that aren’t showing up.


When I select a color swatch, the image doesn’t change to the corresponding picture for that color. It seems to switch to it but it just gives multiple duplicates of the same image. However, when i hover over the image with the cursor which gives a closer look, it gives a close up of the correct image. The video link attached demonstrates this:

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I updated the ticket with the username and password. The problem seems to be sitewide with all products that were previously working. The variation images are properly added.

Rezwan Shiblu

Hi Vrej,

Thanks for updating the site login details.

I have checked your site and noticed that the correct images are showing when swatches are selected.

Another thing is that you should set the color properly. Check this screen recording – https://www.loom.com/share/504da0d67dbe4e1099125df6bf4454fa

Also, you should add the proper image here for showing the correct variation image in the frontend.

Let me know if I missed anything. I will happy to assist.

Thank you.


Rezwan Shiblu


In my screen recording, I have shown it.


No that does not fix it. My tech uninstalled the paid version of this plugin and installed the free version. Notice how the website does not show the paid version features anymore when looking at category pages. When updated to the latest release of this plugin, the original problem persists as well as the related products images doing the same thing at the bottom.

My tech says:

It seems you have updated the Swatches plugin. It again causes issues: this time with images of the related products. It replaces them on page load and there is an error in their JS code, which is visible in browser console.

I have reverted back the swatches and swatches pro plugins. The issue is fixed now.
Please contact with Swatches plugin authors and let them know that their PRO plugin is not working well.
When I updated the PRO to the latest version the related product images issue has gone.
But instead we got another big issue: the swatches in single product pages stopped working! So it was a real issue for customers and I had to revert the both swatch plugins to well known 1.1.17 version.  

Rezwan Shiblu


Do you have a staging site with the same setup?
If so, can you please share the login credentials with us? So that I can check this.

Or, I can also create a test site for you. Will you help us to replicate the error on our end?

Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

I don’t have a staging site.  I’m ok if you create a test site for me.  I’m also ok if you install the paid latest version on the live site and see the error if you do it at our night time.  We are on USA pacific time so after 7pm and before 8Am our time is ok if you want to work on the live site.  Just keep me informed on what you are doing.




Rezwan Shiblu


It’s a staging site, please login here and try to reproduce your issue here.

Username: admin
Password: scj(zIC50^bFK4J^)Q


I cannot reproduce the problem because I have 44 plugins total on my live site and in order to reproduce it, I need to have all of those active. I suspect it is a conflict between the plugins. Are you able to install the pro version of this plugin on our live site at night when there is no traffic on site so you can see the problem that way? Otherwise I would need to install all of those plugins on the test site.

Rezwan Shiblu


You can do another thing, Please tell your hosting provider to create a staging/clone site for you.