Want To Add Extra Images Per Product Variations? Download This Free Plugin

carlos ilari

Hi I’ve using this plugin a long time (thank you) and the atributes when ‘color’ is choosed as type , inside of the globally terms i could choose image or color hex for the variation, but with the latest updates its has desapear, how can I enable it again?

I dont know if I’m clear, please let me know

thank you!

Golam Kibria

Hi Carlos,

Could you record me reproducing your issue using a tool like this? https://www.useloom.com

It helps me to quickly figure out the issue and squash it immediately.

Thank you

carlos ilari

Hi Golan, I uploaded this videos of the actual situation of the plugin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZ6d9YXCuQQ

Before I could chose to put an image OR a color, now I cant, as you may see in the video there’s clothes fabrics that are printed and not colors, BUT something its just a color…

Beside this, I recorded a video for the admin of the commerce where you can I see there a mix between Hex colors and Image colors (this is an old video)

wait for your answerm thank you!