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Problem with variation gallery images



I have a problem.


Variation images doesn’t change in my website.


Check here – > https://tatifurs.com/product/xeimerines-pantofles/


It works just perfect.


But here in my page – > https://giofurs.com/product/fur-women-slippers/


It is not working. I did the exact same things.


I am using thegem elementor


Thanks in advance,


Hakik Zaman


Thanks for reaching out to us. Please make sure your theme has any gallery option or not.

If you have any visual option then disable it. Because you can’t use two gallery scripts at the same site.

Or, contact your theme developer to disable their gallery to enable default gallery WooCommerce. Our plugin just works with the default gallery of WooCommerce.

From our inspection, our gallery script doesn’t load on your site.

Thank You

Thanks for the quick reply.


I just solved it after you mentioned about the gallery.


Thank you very much.


Best wishes,