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Variation image doesn’t change until all variations are selected

Hi There.

We are setting up a simple webshop for school garment with print. The idea is to share a password access to parents of each school, only presenting garment for their school.

Each school would typically have 4-8 different products, with 2-10 colour variations and sizing. We would like to use the image gallery to show all variations to avoid creating tons of products, the only issue is that the picture doesnt change before all variations are selected.

We have these variations: Colour, Size, School class (for distribution). Once all variations are selected, it works like a charm. But if possible, it would be desirable to have image change even when only the colour varations.

The shop is located at https://unike-sammen.no and use hm as loggin at front end. Category is T-shirt jr.

So the question, is there a setting I have missed or is it a well know issue for you or woocommerce plugin? I have updated to latest versions.


Thanks 🙂


Hi Sir.

Thanks for the feedback. Before purchasing the pro edition, can you confirm that we would be able to use the swatch selector on only 1 variaton per product, leaving the others “normal”.

We would like to use swatch for colours, but drop down for size, school class (can be 1-7, and a-e in each level = 35 variations).

Tanvirul Haque

Hello HÃ¥vard Spaniland,

yes, you can use the swatch on only 1 variation.