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Redirect to product pages after 1 clic on a variation on catalog/archives/shop

Dylan Baron

On the following example.
When a client click on a specific variation, would that be possible to immediatly redirect him to the product page with the preselected variation (with no other click) ?
(Attributes are created at a product level and not at a shop level).


Thank you !

Dylan Baron

Thank you but I see on the video that on premium version, with this option, you need to choose only one specific attribute for all products in catalog. Am I right ?

1 ) What if we would like to choose different attributes to show on catalog depending on kind of products: color for some products, size for others… ?

2) Also, what if attributes are created at a product level (we have created our attributes one by one on each product). Not at the following level :


But at this level :


Many thanks !

Golam Kibria

Hi Dylan,

Yes, it works only with the Catalog Mode.

1. Our product level control allows you to change this for each product. So, you can change this to your desired attribute.

2. We have support for the custom attributes too.

If you have further queries, please let me know.

Thank You