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plugin breaks my website images for products

Frank Spratt


**now reverted back to previous version** will not be upgrading until bugs fixed, this effectively broke my site.


You can see the main image is overridden as are the recommended product images to the left and right. if you hit refresh it will regenerate the issue with another random image. this happens site-wide. *see note above about reverting to previous rev, no longer visible.

The plugin was also flip flopping the images to be from color on one item and size on another item choosing one of the variants as the image for every size rather than stating size. It would then show a blank square too small to display colour description (first few letters shown only)

It made the stock level info appear between 3-5 times in many locations (could not turn “in stock” off)


it showed the stock level of every item to be that of the lowest stock qty (e.g. 2 showed even if the variant had 10 in stock as one variant had only 2)

It additionally made the main image variant shown on home page and store show only the item swatch and size shown as the only one in stock (all others shown out of stock) I could turn off the ‘out of stock crossed and blurred” feature but it would then only show the variant and size shown as being the only one available

Update 21/7/21

yes I updated both, I sent invite to your email 5-6 days ago and no update. I have verified it is solely your plugin causing the issue.

Golam Kibria

Hi Frank,

Please use this email to add admin access for us: [email protected]

Did you update both plugins to their latest versions?

The latest versions are:
Variation Swatches for WooCommerce - 1.1.17
Variation Swatches for WooCommerce PRO - 1.1.17

Try clearing your site and browser cache after the update.

Thank You

Golam Kibria

Hi Frank,

I am sorry for the inconvenience but I could not find any invitation in my email.

Will you please check that you have typed the email right?

Here is the email again: [email protected]

Thank You