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Tool tip on Mobile

Hi guys,

Amazing plugin, even the free one!

I am though having issues with the Tool Tips on samsung browser and chrome on mobile, works perfect on edge mobile.

The problem is because the colour selector is not directly under the picture you can’t see it change colour when you select a new colour,

so customers have to rely on the Tool Tip showing the name of the colour and it just not show on chrome and samsung mobile browsers.

It might show sometimes when selecting a new colour but does not work like it should like on edge mobile.

Here is the site.


View this link on mobile and try on chrome and edge.


Can you give me your thoughts please.

Emran Ahmed

Hello Ashley Barrett,

Actually mobile browsers doesn’t support some default CSS features. But on latest plugin update I tried to make it visible tooltips on some latest mobile browsers.

Are you using latest version?


Hi Emran,

I just updated and cleared my site caches and it indeed works alot better!

That really makes the whole checkout experience for customers that much better.

Thanks again!



Emran Ahmed

Thats great 🙂