Pre-sale question

Yumit Gyuler

Yes, I did but I was out office this week. I did not start using this plugin yet. I need know some information before I start using.

How is look if I have more than 10 variant on category page? Same like here product Derek Cardian
When click to add to cart button on category page is it possible put qty box and customer can write how many they want pieace this product.
Is it possible show stock status when customer choose variant on category page?

Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi Yumit,

Stock Notice shows there. But for QTY box either you have to install separate plugin or add custom code for that.

Thank you

Yumit Gyuler

Hi Ahmed,


thank you! Can you recommended to me any plugin for QTY box?


Ahmed Ehsaan

There are many of plugin here:

You can check which one is compatible with your theme.