Variations Shifting


Hi, hope you are all doing well.

I recently applied the latest update for Variation Swatches and now the variations are shifting upon click. They start out left justified and as soon as I click on a Flavor, the variations jump to the right. If I hit clear, they jump back.

Also, do you know of a way to resize the images? They are rather large.

Thank you in advance.


Also, do you know of a way to re"Before.png"

No, they are still jumping all over the place. My client just called to complain about it too.

Also, the variation image on hover is no longer working. Please help.


Golam Kibria

Hi Linda,

I have just checked and everything worked perfectly. Watch the video below:

This can be a caching issue. Please clear your browsing cache or try the incognito mode of your browser.

Can I close the ticket now?

Thank You

I see your screen jumping all over the place too and I see on hover, there is no image just text also.

I have updated the plug-in. Cleared WordPress and browser caches. My screen is still jumping upon each click of a variation. When I hover on a variation, the text comes up. It used to be the image that popped up which is what I want. I have to click on a variation flavor and size before I see an image of the variation.

Also, why do I not get an email from you anymore when there is a reply to a ticket?  I have to keep logging into my account to see if you have replied.




Are you having any luck? I don’t see the variations jumping anymore, which is great. But I still don’t see the images on hover.

Golam Kibria

Hi Linda,

Please update the ticket with your Cpanel information. The current information is not working.

I need to delete the premium version of the swatches plugin and install the latest version.

You do not have the latest version.

Thank You

Sorry. for the delay. The password was wrong. I have updated it.

Golam Kibria

Hi Linda,

I have updated the premium plugin to the latest version.

On the product page, everything worked fine:

But I still don’t see the images on hover.

Did you set any tooltip image? Sorry, I am not clear on this part.

Thank You

The tooltip is enabled. The variation button attribute was set to default and I just changed it to image and on hover, I still see text above the button but the button has a broken image in it. Images on hover had been working until the last swatches update.

Images didn’t look like they went through. Sorry if this is a duplicate, I just wanted to make sure you got them.  Thank you


Thank you. That worked for the image hover, but why do I still have a broken image on the actual button?


Golam Kibria

Hi Linda,

I do not see any broken images while hovering over the buttons.

Did you try clearing your browser cache? You can also try a new browser or the incognito mode of your browser.

BTW, do you have Skype. If yes, please share your Skype ID here.

Thank You

The broken image is not on hover. On Hover is working fine. It is the actual button itself that has a broken image next to the text on each button. It should just be text on the button. I’ve circled in yellow what I am talking about in the attachment.

Sorry, I don’t have skype. I can set it up I guess if I need to. 


Now the On Hover is not working at all. I have to click on each button to see the image. But why are the images so small. They used to be larger.

Another question. How can I see the variation product picture on Hover? Example: the scent Allergy, Cold & Sinus is used in many products, but will have a different variation picture depending on the product it is used in.  So it can’t be coded at the attribute level. This used to work but something has changed. Now to see the variation picture you have to enter every variation option (scent, size, bottle, cap) before you can see the variation picture. A user is not going to know to do that.

Golam Kibria

Hi Linda,

I have fixed it for you. You were talking about a different product 😟

Do you have WhatsApp? We want to offer a quick solution for all your problems.

Thank You

I’m sorry for the confusion. I noticed the 2nd scenario as I was working on those products. I’ll break down the 2 scenarios:

The Infused Honey product – the hover is not working properly. I now have to click on each button to see the image pop-up above it, then go out of the screen, come back to the product, and the hover is working. See the loom video at the end of this paragraph. For this product, I was able to add an image at the attribute level because all of those flavors will be used the same way for all products that have those flavors.
The Therapeutic Bath, Body & Massage Oil / Pain Blend – this uses Scent as one of its attributes. The scent can be used in many other products but the image will be different for each one. So the scent for Allergy, Cold & Sinus needs to have its image at product variation level and not the attribute level. However, the only way I see the variation image is if I choose all the other attributes with it (scent, sie, cap style, container type). There is no Hover before choosing all the other attributes.

I understand the difference between the 2 ways of doing variation images, so if the second way cannot support a Hover over the Scent button, that is fine. However, the on Hover using the attribute image is my biggest priority to get working right.

I do have Whatsapp, but have never used it.  What would you like me to do?

Thank you

Golam Kibria

Hi Linda,

If we could manage a Skype session, it would be really great.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you.

I actually talked my client into having an image for everything at the attribute level and not the variation level. Right now the hover seems to be working fine. If I have any more problems, I’ll install Skype and get back to you. I believe it is safe to close this ticket. Thank you for your help.