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General Question about a Feature

Brooke Parker

Is there a way when you choose the Image Swatch for a Variant for it to still show the Text Description below the item. Could not find a Setting for this.

New WooCommerce Site Looks Like this:

But would like it to show Image and text Description like our current site:


Keep in mind we have over 13000 items on our website, so using a Text swatch setting for every product would be a huge undertaking. Hoping you have a Global setting that I missed.

Shahin Sid

Hello Brooke Parker,

Please, update the Variation Swatches plugin (Free version) to the latest version which is 1.1.0

In this update, we have added such a feature. When you will click on a variation, it will display the title of its beside the attribute label.

I hope it helps. Thanks