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Variation url without “?attribute_pa_color=”

ilyas mussin

Hello there,

I have checked the “Generate Variation URL” setting but it shows: “product/?attribute_pa_color=blue” instead of just “product/blue“. How can I fix that?


Tanvirul Haque

Hello Ilyas Mussin,

By default, it should show product/?attribute_pa_color=blue because this attribute_pa_color is coming from WooCommerce itself.

To confirm that, copy the shareable URL from your browser then deactivate our swatches plugin, then paste the copy URL in a new tab and you will see the shareable URL working without our plugin.

I hope now you can understand that, this attribute_pa_color name modification is not the feature of our plugin, it’s the default role of the WooCommerce itself.


ilyas mussin

Thanks, yeah you’re probably right. Here’s the link. Is there any way I could get rid of the “?attribute_pa_color=” part somehow?

This is how it is now: product/dummy-product-1/?attribute_pa_color=blue

This is how i want it to be: product/dummy-product-1/blue



Tanvirul Haque

Hi Ilyas,

Unfortunately, the feature is not currently possible.

​I’ll discuss this feature with my dev team, if we find a solution, we’ll shortly notify you.

Can I close this ticket for now?