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Show Single Attribute taxonomies on archive page


I need to customize a stripe of products on the homepage, but I want to show only colors and hide the size.

I know that it is possible with “Show Single Attribute taxonomies on archive page” but I don’t want to apply this modify on the shop page.

In which way I could apply the same function only if page == ‘homepage’ ?


Golam Kibria

Hi Giampaolo,

With our plugin, you can enable this on the shop and other archive pages.

Let me be clear about your requirement. You just want to enable this on your home page.

Did I get you right?

Thank you

I want to show a stripe of products SIMILAR at the shop, but with ONLY the colours, hiding the size buttons.

This is the shop: https://www.leapioperaie.com/shop/

I’m working on a section with Elementor Pro to show the products without name and price (hidden by css) and I want to remove the size buttons too, but the ‘li’ element has not id or something different to the colors one.