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Change variation gallery selecting attribute

Hi there,

In your change variation gallery selecting attribute feature, is that possible to have the change varation gallery for more than one attribute ?
Like this sreenshot :


Or is that possible to combine the Globally Selected attribute with Single variation preview attribute in Individual Product Settings ?

If this is not possible, should be a way to make custom developpement to add this option ?

Thank you



Shamser Suzon

Hi Sebastien,

Could you please explain a bit more? I am sorry that I could not get your query.

Thank you

Hi Shamser,

Maybe i’ts more clear with this screenshot :

When selecting a variation in the “Format” attribut the image variation must change, and selecting a variation in the “Encadrement” attribut the image variation must also change.

Is that possible ?

Thank you

Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi Sebastien,

Could you show me any example of your requirement?

Thank You