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Additional Variation images – Cannot get GetWooPlugins Updater

Hey Support,

We upgraded to the pro version however we still do not have any of the features of the pro version. The images gallery only allows us to save 1 additional image per variation.

Based on your tutorial after adding the pro plugin I did not get a prompt to install GetWooPlugins Updater on my plugins page and can’t find a way to get that plugin.

I have entered my licence information & have both plugins (free and pro) installed. I have added my domain to the section on this website under my downloads.

Can you take a look?

Shamser Suzon

Hello Anthony Sciortino,

I can see it’s working fine. I can add as many images as I want: http://prntscr.com/t7cfqw

Can I please, close the ticket now? Thanks

You can add as many as you want but once you save the page it only shows 2 images.

Please see this video where I identify the issue: https://youtu.be/TNCnjmiQ9Pw

We have the basic and pro version of the plugin installed. When I add the pro version I do not get the ability to add the updater plugin, it does not come up.



Shamser Suzon

Hello Anthony Sciortino,

Please, update your WooCommerce plugin to the latest version. It should fix the issue.

Let me know. Thanks