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Hi there.

I’m very disappointed to be contacting you again in regards to the update of you plugin.
Every time you make an update, all of our variation images disappear. As you can see both plugins have been updated however they still don’t work.
Please see the ticket from last month which had the exact same issue. All of our product images except for one, disappear which is severely compromising for our sales.
We need to be able to resolve this issue internally and not rely on a fix from you every time an update is made.

Could you please advise ASAP.


Maddie Screenshot 2020-05-22 at 20.47.52.png

Shamser Suzon

Hi Paulien Wesselink,

Could you record me reproducing your issue using tool like this? https://www.useloom.com
It helps me to quickly figure out issue and squash it with immediately.

Thank you

Hi Shamser,

I have attached my video recording here. Password is omybag


As you can see the variation images disappear when added and on the front end you cannot select any images.
In the past this was just a matter of updating the plugin but as you can see both plugins are up to date.

We have already had customers contact us saying they cannot view the product properly. This is an extremely important issue that needs to be resolved today. In my past ticket I asked for clarification that this issue was permanently resolved but it’s clearly not. This CANNOT happen again. So could you please advise ASAP.